Monday, October 04, 2004

MicTube and MP3 Recorder

MP3 kit consisting of a RIP Flash recorder and a MicTube Posted by Hello

Maycom market two useful units for the reporter on a budget. The MicTube
Professional microphone pre-amp is just that. Most MP3 recorders or Mini Disc recorders do not have a proper MIC input, but a line input at best. This tube clips on the bottom on a balanced XLR microphone and allows you to set the output level on a simple meter. It uses an internal battery. It costs 169 Euro, excluding BTW in the Netherlands.

Maycom also market an MP3 recorder sourced in East Asia. It does a fine job in making MP3 recordings - great for speech recordings. Not really the best for serious music recordings. A RIP_Flash MP3 recorder & the Mic Tube cost 299 Euro, excluding VAT (19%).