Thursday, January 18, 2007

Brilliant Resource to P2P

Michel Bauwens of the P2P foundation pointed me in the direction of their wiki which is turning into a truly excellent guide to editing and distribution software.

is the place to check out. Very well done - and clever to use the wiki concept.

Monday, January 15, 2007

GigaVox Media, Inc. » The Levelator™

GigaVox Media, Inc. » The Levelator™

If you are doing podcasts, then check out this excellent piece of free software to balance the overall levels before you post. There are versions for both Mac and Windows.

Here's what the author's say:

We've released the all-new non-beta version of The Levelator for Windows and OS X. A Linux version is coming soon. This is a major upgrade from the earlier beta-test release. Special thanks to our
team: Bruce Sharpe, Norm Lorrain, Tim McNerney and to the users and beta testers who sent in sample audio files and bug reports.

Here's what's new:
* A cool new interface.
* Significant improvements in the levelation algorithms. (Thanks
to all those who submitted challenging audio files. We used every one of them in our testing.)
o improved handling of background noise
o improved processing of stereo files
o fewer "breathing" and "pumping" artifacts
* All sample rates and bit depths are now supported. Previously,
some such as 22,050Hz and 24-bit were not.
* Renaming the application files to simply "Levelator" in order
to make the application easier to locate in alpahbetized
* Elimination of the Java Web Start user interface in favor of a
native UI for each platform.
* Easing of restrictions on commercial use. (Read the new
* You can now drag-and-drop an audio file onto the applications
icon, even if the application is not currently running.
* The application window can now be minimized.
* OS X 10.3 (Panther) is now supported.
* You can drag-and-drop an audio file onto the application's icon
in the Dock (OS X).
* Temporary files are managed more efficiently.
* T-Shirts and web-site buttons!

Download The Levelator (v1.1):
The New License:
T-Shirts and Web-Site Buttons!
An Important New Survey
If you love The Levelator -- okay, even if you don't -- please
spend just one minute completing our new survey. We're working
on the next release of cool new products for podcasters, and
your input can have a significant impact on what we do and how
we do it. Trust me, we really do take your input very seriously.
Our One-Minute Survey:

HairerSoft - Amadeus Pro

HairerSoft - Amadeus Pro

Has anyone had any experience with this Mac (only) sound editing software? I haven't seen it at any stations, but it may be a cheaper alternative to other packages for home/small business use.

Amadeus Pro is a powerful multitrack audio editor supporting a variety of formats including MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, AIFF, Wave and many others. Click on one of the thumbnails below to see a larger version of it.

Multitrack editor Amadeus Pro is a fully featured multitrack editor. Each track can have its volume adjusted independently from the others. Amadeus Pro fully supports multitrack WAVE files and allows you to render sound on up to 5 different loudspeakers simultaneously.

Batch processing There's that whole collection of files that you wanted to convert to Mp3, but you first wanted to normalize them and make them fade in and out nicely. Several hours of work in perspective? Let Amadeus Pro do the work for you! The powerful batch processor allows you not only to convert large numbers of files between any of the supported formats, but you can also instruct Amadeus Pro to apply any sequence of sound effects.

Repair centre The handy repair centre allows you to find and to repair cracks with a simple click of the mouse. Furthermore, Amadeus Pro's powerful denoising functions allow you to easily get rid of that annoying hiss on your old tape recordings or of that 50Hz hum picked

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Clock Radio, Media Gallery
Originally uploaded by Jonathan Marks.

Hello, thanks for dropping by and may all the dreams and promises for new equipment come true in 2007. And a safe and healthy one too for all of us. See you further down the blog.