Saturday, June 16, 2007

Heading totally in the wrong direction

close but not really
Originally uploaded by Jonathan Marks
I used to be a fan of Archos in the days when their AV340 used to make great quality audio recordings, as well as fairly decent quality recordings. We waited for the same features, only with a better quality recording, screen and wifi. After a lot of teasing, at places like IBC 2006, Archos has finally come out with the 605 wifi. They must be mainly aiming for the French market because they have signed deals with French suppliers of content. Since it is all DRM protected, I cannot imagine purchasing a film for 12 Euro which will only play on this device in "dvd like" quality - well not on the big plasma screen I have it won't. Perfect example of technology driven products which don't understand the power social currency. Shame, but I am writing these guys off the list of innovators.