Friday, July 29, 2005

Record FM radio (and voice) onto the iPod

Now this looks interesting. Griffin have come up with an iFMRadio, Remote, and Recorder for iPod. It has been on the cards (for US$50) for some time, but now they seem to be getting around to making it.

" iFM integrates FM radio tuning, recording and remote control functionality to the iPod, all in a tiny aluminum enclosure. With the flip of a switch users can now switch seamlessly between controlling their music library and listening to their favorite FM radio programming. Use the iFM as an inline remote to control the iPod's transport controls, great for workouts, biking or hiking. iFM is also a recording device, with a built in microphone to record voice, or change modes to capture live FM radio directly to the iPod"

Features: (not all models of iPod have the same set)

• Digital auto station scan with wraparound
• Band-Switch function to switch between US, European and Japanese FM bands
• 6 station presets per band

• Controls play, pause, fast forward, rewind, next song, previous song, volume

• Records FM radio
• High quality omnidirectional built in microphone for recording voice memos
• Automatically saves to the iPod
• One-touch start and stop recording***
• Recording time only limited by amount of available space on the iPod

* 3G/4G/Photo/mini models
** 3G/4G/Photo models
*** 4G/Photo models

Not sure what is meant by high-quality, the software for voice on the ipod (i.e. not Griffin but Apple OS) limits the sampling rate to 8 kHz so voice (to my ears) sounds horrible, despite a nice external microphone. Have to wait and see.