Monday, October 04, 2004

Ipod Studio Equipment

Adam Curry tells me Hugo Schotman is collecting data about radio-like production for the I-pod. So what is your experience with podcasting studio setups? Please click the title above to share all the gory details with the world.

You can send your setup details at:

Hugo writes...

I do not want to become a helpdesk but I wouldn't mind collecting and aggregating studio setup details for a while. As soon as it makes sense to move this to another place - when more people are actively working on it for example - I'll gladly move it over.

Platforms: preferably Mac Os X. I can post details about Linux, Windows or other setups but I can't verify/test them and will not do anything else with the information.

What should be captured:
1. How to set up a stable environment!
Anything that makes a setup more or less stable should be shared so not everybody has to go through the same trouble.

2. How to reduce latency.

3. What settings produce the best sound.

- What were you doing when the recording crashed?
- Which applications were running/ playing audio when the recording crashed?
- Which applications are you using? (Include URL if it's a new one.)
- What are the exact settings of your applications?
- What have you tried that didn't work?

I have offered to collaborate to test software/hardware for the Windows Platform.