Monday, October 04, 2004

Maycom Handheld FlashRecorder Mark II

This is the a Dutch product from Maycom.  Posted by Hello

This device includes a built-in microphone and is compact in size. The Maycom HandHeld offers rugged and reliable digital portable recording for both professional and consumer use. You can connect an external microphone which plugs into the base of the device using a special adapter cable. Opinions are divided as to whether this cable is rugged enough for the sort of tough conditions journalists meet in the field. Personally, I found the built-in microphone to be excellent, although you can't put a windsock on it for publicity purposes.

The HandHeld recorder uses industry standard compact flash cards to store high quality, digital audio. The cards are robust, able to operate in severe environmental conditions and can be changed very quickly. Audio recording capacity depends on the size of flash card, but these days can easily be as much as 6 hours (using a 320 MB flash card at 128 kb/sec.).

Docking Station

The docking station is a fully equipped multi functional desktop device. It acts as the re-charger for the smart battery pack, but also provides (additional) loudspeaker functionality and external interface options. It offers connections for 2 microphones, a headset and PC (through USB). Maximum portability is secured through the 12 volts DC adapter next to the standard 100-240 VAC.

Through its USB connection, or via a Compact Flash Card reader, the audio can be directly ported from the HandHeld to a laptop or central computer system for further editing, communication or transmission.

Price? They sell the recorder on its own, but then you are required to use your own alkaline cells (that's 699 Euro excluding VAT). A kit with the recorder, plus docking station (XLR connectors) and a 128 MB flashcard costs 999 Euro, excluding VAT. I think an extra 300 Euro for batteries, a charger and a Flashcard needs review since the prices for Flash memory have dropped.

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