Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hearing Good Things About Onyx

I am hearing good things about a company located near Utrecht in the Netherlands. They call themselves Onyx and they do modifications to Marantz equipment, like the 670. Dutch broadcasters (especially the regional stations and the universities) seem to like them.

Onyx tell me they also used to offer an interesting flash recorder option that fitted into the base of the microphone (an earlier version of the HBB idea) which used a Korean flash recorder in the base. But Onyx tell me that despite what it says on their website, the Repoflash has been discontinued because the supply of mp3 recorders dried up. They are supporting the Marantz 660 as a suitable replacement. The 660 retails at just under 800 Euro (ex 19% VAT) in the Netherlands.

advanced audio technologies
Grindmeer 15
3994 JA Houten
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-30-2599571
Fax.: +31-30-2599572
E-mail: info@onyx-audio.com