Saturday, August 14, 2010

Setting things right on Vimeo

Several people have asked me why I host videos on Vimeo rather than Youtube. The truth is I have experimented with both, but has found more in common with the writers, directors and videographers that are storing their stuff at Vimeo. You definitely need to embed videos elsewhere - just leaving material on Vimeo and hoping people will find it is NOT the way forward. Vimeo has made some recent changes to make it easier to post alerts to Facebook and Twitter and they have a file size limit rather than a time limit of 15 minutes like YouTube. Personally, with 24 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, I wonder when my stuff is going to get lost in the jungle of great stuff and sheer nonsense.

There is an excellent settings page on Vimeo which gives you the settings you need for best results with your respective video editor. I migrated from Sony Vegas to Final Cut about three years ago and noticed a huge difference in quality if you get the settings right. It is very important to limit the streaming to 5000K otherwise video becomes very jerky.

This is the link you need for Vimeo. I have found it also works for Youtube since they went to HD.