Friday, August 13, 2010

Hardata Software Automation Revisited

This is an updated post because I have recently recommended a couple of stations to install this set of automation software.

I first remember seeing it when I got the complete tour of Argentina's national radio station. This is my second visit - came in 1999 and interviewed people in the English service of Radio Argentina Al Exterior, the overseas service. This time I talked with the people running the various domestic networks.  Studios have mothballed the tape decks and record players, now everything comes off the computer using a software package called Hardata that has been made in Argentina (I see most stations using it). Cost is around 1200 US dollars per work-station, considerably less than the European variants. There is a free download to try before you buy (Windows XP and Vista). Haven't seen versions for Windows 7 yet. I find it great because it fits the mixed music and speech formats you find at small stations in Latin America, and the software runs in a number of languages including Spanish, English and French. There's currently a deal on for individual copies at US$299. Doesn't work on a Mac.

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