Monday, October 17, 2005

Sony MMR-60 Mini FM Transmitter Launched

According to Engadget & a press release from Sony-Ericsson has launched a mini-FM transmitter (a bit like the I-trip) but then designed to broadcast the music on your mobile phone all over the house, to be picked up on a normal FM radio. Hidden down the bottom of the press release is the note that this is not going to be in Europe.....against the law.

Note: Since FM-transmitters are not allowed in all countries yet, it will be launched in countries where we know it is allowed. This currently includes USA, South America, Australia and some countries in Asia. As we get knowledge about other countries allowing this, this list will grow.

Don't hold your breath that the list will grow. I don't see much restriction on these devices, simply because the strength is so low they are unlikely to cause interference problems in most situations.

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