Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bose & the 21st Century

Bose makes a great set of noise-cancelling headphones, albeit rather expensive (275 UK pounds). I am refering to the QuietComfort 2 series, designed in the US and manufacturered in China. The headphones sit the best on my (bald) head, in contrast to a pair I bought in Tokyo airport in 2003 from Sony MDR-NC20. They sound good too. Bose is clever in its marketing - inside the case are a few "courtesy" cards with info on the headphones - to give to people on planes who ask what you're wearing.

I am also impressed by the warranty. A crack appeared in the plastic on one side of the headphones (as a result of regular use in the last year) and Bose replaced the unit within 4 days (sent back to Dutch distributor), no questions asked. I have no idea why a technology company restricts its product registration to the US though. Better customer satisfaction through research?

Thank you for choosing Bose. Online registration is available for US, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands residents only. All other customers please visit Bose Worldwide.