Thursday, September 15, 2005

I-Pal Personal PVR

Portable screens are getting better. Archos, a French company, have a number of portable players out there which are aimed at the consumer. The AV700 has a 7 inch screen - though I prefere the slightly smaller AV500 which has a better screen resolution. Both devices make my AV300 obsolete in the extreme.

But the best picture at the IBC show was on another device. The UK company of Electronic Visuals showed their I-Pal (the EV7010), which is a portable video recorder retailing at around 500 pounds sterling. It was clearly the best portable screen at the show - at that size (7 inch screen).

The unit has a 20 GB hard drive and converts video input into MPEG-4 format. Did an excellent job of displaying JPEGS too.