Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Now this is a recorder!

This is the Aaton Cantar-X portable field recorder designed for those in the film industry who don't mind the US$18,000 price tag. To me it it is an example of the Ferrari of hard-disk recorders. Do the meters help you take better levels? May be! But it sure scares the hell out of the person you're interviewing! The ruggedized recorder is built around a 120GB hard drive with an 10 to 15 hour battery life, 18 simultaneous inputs, water- and dust-proof linear sliders and rotary faders designed to be used even with gloves on. And then once you have all of that 24bit/96kHz audio recorded and mixed down, you can burn the tracks out to DVD with the built-in burner hidden behind the front door. Nice, except the price.
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