Sunday, November 21, 2004

BackPack Batteries

Now this is something for remote reporting. It costs US$229, but it works a treat. Embedded in the back of the bag are three tough, light weight, waterproof solar panels, which generate up to 4 watts of power. Bit troublesome on a dark day in Northern Europe, but brilliant if you're backpacking in sunnier climes.

Inside the bag is a Li Ion battery pack. As in a solar powered house, the battery stores energy so it is available when you need it, not just when the sun is up.
The battery pack can also be charged using the included AC travel charger or car charger. So you will have power when you need it, whether you are in the city or the middle of nowhere.
The Voltaic backpack is powerful enough to charge most portable electronics (other than laptops) including: cell phones, cameras, two way radios, GPS's, PDA's, even iPods.
The bag includes: a set of standard adaptors for common cell phones, a set of universal adaptors, and a cigarette lighter socket so you can use a standard car charger. A full range of optional adaptors are also available.

Anyone know of anything like this?

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